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The Essential Cuvées ...

The Essential Cuvées: essential champagnes to have in your cellar to accompany all types of tasting.

Brut Instinct 2013

Light and delicate, our vintage champagne brut will perfectly accompany all your beautiful occasions, from aperitif to dessert.

A blend of 33% pinot noir, 33% meunier and 33% chardonnay

Brut Caractère 2006

Subtle alliance of our 3 grape varieties, this cuvée, which we left to age in the cellar, will bring elegance and refinement to all your tasting moments. Its bubble festival and its aromatic complexity make it a champagne with character.

Blend of 40% pinot noir, 20% meunier and 40% chardonnay

Brut Rosé Frivolité

Let yourself be seduced by the warm color of our blended rosé champagne, which will bring a touch of greed to all your tastings.

Blend of 60% pinot noir, 25% meunier and 15% chardonnay

without forgetting our Ephemeral Cuvées ...

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