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Brut Rosé 
Goutte de Coteaux


Made from Coteaux Champenois red wine, our blended rosé is very delicious.

Ideal for your aperitifs and sweet tastings.


Blend of 64% Meunier and 36% Pinot Noir including 20% Coteaux Champenois red wine

Vinification: 85% in stainless steel vats and 15% in oak barrels

Complete malolactic fermentation

Draw date: May 2021

Dosage: 10 g/L - Brut

Natural cork stopper

Characteristics :

Visual appearance: raspberry pink color, great clarity, sparkling sparkles, creamy foam.

Olfactory aspect: beautiful aromatic freshness punctuated with notes of red fruits.

Taste aspect: biscuity and red fruit notes (strawberry, raspberry and cherry).

Tasting tips:

Food & Wine pairing ideas: Pan-fried morello cherries, Fine almond cream tartlet, Red fruit sorbet...

Can be stored for 1 to 2 years, protected from light.

Serve at 7-8 ° C

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