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Brut Création


Our brut champagne, made from reserve wines, will perfectly accompany all your events & convivial moments ...


Blend of 28% pinot noir, 51% meunier and 21% chardonnay including 21% reserve wines
Complete malolactic fermentation
Draw date: June 2014

Manual riddling on console

Sugar dosage: 8 g / L

Natural cork stopper

Characteristics :

Visual aspect: bright yellow color, pretty strings of fine bubbles with dense cord.

Olfactory aspect: floral characters and citrus aromas (lemon, grapefruit, mandarin), a delicate approach.

Taste aspect: a rich and generous mouth, the fruity notes bring elegance and persistence.

Tasting tips:

Food & Wine pairing ideas: Quail with grapes, Chicken with cream, Tarte tatin, Charlotte with pears ...

Can be stored for 1 to 2 years, protected from light

Serve at 7-8 ° C

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